Chapter 18: The Sweet Life

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Eli brushed some hair off of Sam’s shoulder and kissed her there, right on the nape of her neck, and whispered in her ear, “I love you, Mrs. Ryder.”

Sam leaned her body into him. Yes! He loved that she was just in a robe that had been part of the suite they were staying at in Roaring Heights. Of course, he was naked and every part of him wanted the robe off of her. Now.

“It’s nice out here. The city’s so beautiful from up here,” Sam mused him out of his more dirty thoughts and fantasies.

Eli held her close. He still hated heights, but she was right. It was one of the best views, however… “It’s not as beautiful as you.”

Sam chuckled. “You always flatter me, Eli.”

“Just telling it like I see it.”

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She turned into his arms and leaned up to kiss him. He took her in a more brutal kiss, relishing into the taste of her. He could never tire of her or her kisses. “Wish we didn’t have to leave tomorrow,” Sam whispered. “It was too short.”

They had been staying in the top premier hotel in Roaring Heights for the last four days as a honeymoon. It was still San Myshuno, and there wasn’t really anything they had never done before here. They were both born and bred San Myshunans.

Yet, it was also nice to see how the other side of the tracks lived, even for a few days. At first, Eli felt guilty he couldn’t take Sam somewhere more spectacular, like on a beach off the coast of Sunlit Tides or  Isla Paradiso. Still, he owed it to Grant for giving him and Sam this much of a honeymoon. That shocked the two of them at the reception.

“Did you have fun? I know it’s not a beach or something,” he said.

Sam caressed his cheek. “I never expected to leave the state or even the city. This was just as amazing as any beach.”

Eli kissed her.

04-05-17_2-45-27 PM

She was right, it had been an amazing four days. They spent most of the time in bed anyway, and in the Jacuzzi, and even that time they snuck up to the pool on the roof after closing.

Still, they had one more night.

04-05-17_7-32-32 PM

Eli smirked,  pushed the robe off of her, and took her hand and led her back inside to the suite. “Come on baby, we still have tonight.”

She laughed but followed. Eli would never tire of that sound. Sam’s laughter was his favorite sound.

04-05-17_7-39-50 PM

He led to her bed, and pushed her down. He was going to make up for not taking her outside the city, and somewhere more exotic than freaking Roaring Heights. He would make her forget her own name and his in the last few hours they had in the hotel.

04-05-17_11-41-05 PM

Eli kissed his wife’s hand and knocked on the door to his mother’s apartment. Both Mom and Grant had actually argued on who would take Derek for the few days while Eli and Sam went on their honeymoon in Roaring Heights. Mom won.

Eli and Sam could not stop staring at each other while they waited at the door. Damn, Eli never thought he’d be this happy. Seriously, he should have married Sam sooner.

The door opened and Ryha stood there. “Oh, it’s you guys.”

“Hello to you too,” Eli said and pushed his way inside the apartment.

04-05-17_11-47-45 PM

“Are you here to pick up your spawn?”

“Yup,” Eli said, not caring if she was trying to harass him or his son. He was too high on life to care about his sister right now.

Eli found both his mother and Derek in the kitchen, she was trying to feed him lunch, but he was not having it. His picky eater was real, real picky about what he ate.

04-05-17_11-54-59 PM

“No!” and like that the bowl went sailing, along with the food.

“Derek,” Eli scolded, and Sam pushed inside the kitchen to help Mom clean up the food that splattered across the entire kitchen. Eli picked Derek up from the high chair and stared at him.

Derek laughed. “Daddy.”

04-06-17_12-10-57 AM

How could Eli not smile? Derek’s smiles just melted Eli’s heart. “You need to eat,” Eli said, trying to scold, but it came out more as a chuckle. “Grandma made you something to eat, and look what you did.”

Derek glanced over to where Eli was pointing. “Uh oh.”

Eli shook with laughter. “Yeah, uh oh. Can you tell Grandma sorry?”

“Sowwy gwama.”

“It’s okay sweetie,” Mom said and kissed his cheek.

04-06-17_12-10-44 AM

“Did he at least behave some of the time,” Eli asked Mom.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle, Elijah,” Mom said. “He’s not nearly half as bad as you were at his age.”

Eli grinned, “That’s me, always the trouble maker.”

Sam and Mom both laughed, which made Derek laugh. Eli couldn’t help but smile at his family. Sam and Mom went to go grab Derek stuff, and after a few moments of catching up, they were out of the apartment and heading home.

04-06-17_12-38-15 AM

Though he enjoyed his honeymoon, there was something about being home that made everything better. He sat Derek down on the floor, and the boy headed straight for the toys that were still scattered around the place. Sam brushed by Eli and headed for the kitchen to put away some of the stuff they picked up for dinner before picking up Derek.

04-06-17_12-41-37 AM

Eli slid in the stool on the counter and watched Sam put away the few groceries. His eyes kept grazing over her body. Though they had been together for almost three years really, the wedding had Eli staring at Sam in a new light. She wasn’t just Sam…she was his wife. His wife.

“Stop staring,” Sam laughed when she caught him.

Eli smirked, “Just appreciating you.”

“You didn’t get your fill last night?”

“Nope and never will.”

04-06-17_12-52-37 AM

He stood and went around the kitchen to push her against the counter. He pushed into her more, his hands sweeping across her body, and he made sure she knew just how much Sam affecting him. “I will never get tired of you. That’s a promise, baby.”

Sam pulled his neck down and they kissed. Eli wanted more and hiked her up on the counter, his hand roaming up her leg, wishing she wasn’t in pants. He had pretty much free reign the last week, and now she just was wearing too many clothes.

04-06-17_12-56-22 AM

He was going to take care of that when something pulled on his pant leg. He broke the kiss with his wife and looked down to see Derek. His hands were pointing up at him. “Daaaaddy!”

“Go play with your son,” Sam patted Eli’s chest. “We have time for other fun activities after dinner and when we get him to bed.”

Eli agreed, and lifted Derek up off the floor. “Okay, buddy, let’s go play.”

04-06-17_10-06-41 PM

They wrestled and had fun with Derek’s toys for the next few hours. Derek kept climbing onto Eli and holding onto him.

Sam eventually plucked Derek off of Eli and placed him at the high chair and placed food down for him. She stared at Derek, and gave her a very stern talk. ‘You throw that food on the floor, and Daddy won’t read you a bedtime story.”

Derek’s eyes widen and he stared over at his daddy. “Eat up, sport.”

04-06-17_10-09-51 PM

Derek stared at the food and took a few hesitant bites. When he was satisfied that it was okay to eat, he ate more bites. Sam handed Eli a plate at the table and then took her seat.

04-06-17_10-13-14 PM

“You think we’ll always have it this good,” Eli asked while he enjoyed his dinner with both is wife and son.

Sam grinned and chuckled a bit. “I think we’ll have more good than bad, that’s for sure.”

He was positive she was right.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 18: The Sweet Life”

  1. I loved this chapter! The honeymoon was hot! They are such an adorable family. It was really nice of Grant to do that for them. I guess he figures if he wants to be a part of his daughters life he has to accept Eli. I give him credit. I didn’t think he had it in him at first. Eli did a good job of bridging that gap.


    1. I think there’s a quiet agreement between Eli and Grant to keep it civil. LoL. They certainly don’t care for each other, but they make do. Who says you have to have a good relationship with your in-laws, HA!


  2. (sigh) <–the good kind with the heart in the eyes lol

    I'm loving this second chance! I know somewhere up ahead there are more hills to climb, and that's ok. But, I love this space Eli is in right now. He totally deserves it!


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