Chapter 19: New Toy

04-09-17_7-41-35 PM

Eli couldn’t stop grinning or jumping up and down like a little kid in the bathroom. He kept staring at the stick that Sam just pissed on, waiting for what he knew to be true.

Sam laughed at him, “Calm down, Eli.”

“No way. It’s going to be positive, just like the last two.”

And sure enough it was. “Sam, we’re having a baby!”

04-09-17_11-24-35 PM

“I still need to get blood work done and an ultrasound,” Sam said, standing up from the toilet. She wrapped her arms around his waist. “But yes, Elijah, I am most likely pregnant.”

“Say it again,” Eli laughed and turned to pull her into the biggest hug, twirling her around the bathroom. “Say it again!”

“I’m pregnant.”

04-09-17_11-37-48 PM

Eli shouted and hollered, jumping even. “Yes, yes, yes! We’re having a baby!” He twirled her again and kissed her. “This is the greatest gift, you know.”

Sam laughed. “Yes, happy anniversary.”

One year. It had been one year since their wedding. Eli wanted another kid. He wanted to father at least one or six more, it didn’t matter. Whatever Sam wanted, though, that was what mattered. She hadn’t been too enthusiastic when she found out she was late. But Eli hoped she would warm up to the idea of another one.

04-09-17_11-33-14 PM

“You happy,” Eli asked her.

“You know, seeing you happy is making me happy about this.”

“You know I’m going to dote on you for like the next nine months, right?”

“Oh lordy, you’re going to be worse than Dad, aren’t you?”

“You can count on it.”

04-11-17_2-56-51 AM

In the weeks that followed, Eli met Sam at her work and they went in to speak with her doctor, and friend, Doctor Dain. He had been the same doctor that delivered Derek.

The appointment went smoothly. Eli just listened as Sam and Dain spoke in more medical terms. His wife, the nurse, asked the important questions and Eli just kept grinning at her.

04-11-17_2-57-11 AM

“Are you a little confused or lost or anything, Eli?” Dr. Dain asked.

He shrugged. “Eh. It’s all a little confusing, but I trust your medical opinions and what needs to be done.”

“Would you two like to see the baby? Usually I wait, but since it’s you, Sam, I think even I’m dying to see the little sweet pea.”

Sam laughed. “What do you think, Eli? Want to see your baby?”

Did she even have to ask? Eli was giddy with excitement. Dr. Dain brought in the ultrasound while Sam lifted up her shirt to show off her almost flat stomach.

04-11-17_2-21-04 AM

It took a few moments, but Dr. Dain moved the screen for the two to see. “There you go, that’s your little one.” He pointed to a spot on the screen.

Eli’s mouth dropped. “That’s…that’s my…”

Sam chuckled and patted his hand. “You okay, Eli?”

“Are you kidding me? This is the greatest thing I have ever seen! Look at him…her…my little bug.” He glanced to his wife. “You are, without a doubt the most amazing woman.”

04-11-17_2-31-57 AM

Dr. Dain smirked over to Eli and then spoke to Sam. “If I didn’t know you two well enough, I’d have thought this was his first one.”

“Right?” Sam chuckled. Eli didn’t care if they teased him. He missed all these great moments with Sam the first time around, he was not making that mistake this time. His baby…he was seeing his baby for the first time!

04-11-17_2-20-28 AM

“Listen to this, Eli.” The doctor pushed something and sound came out of the computer he was watching. Thump-thump-thump.

“Is that…” Eli held his breath, listening to the fast beats.

“The baby’s heart,” Dr. Dain finished Eli’s question. “What do you think, Dad?”

“I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

04-11-17_3-15-50 AM

Eli was on cloud nine when he entered the shop the next morning. He grinned from ear to ear, and couldn’t stop chuckling or whistling while he worked on the vehicles.

“Okay, what’s up with the mood?” Marv asked with a little laugh.

Eli knew he shouldn’t, but he was going to burst if he didn’t tell someone the good news. “Sam’s pregnant.”

Marv laughed and went over to give Eli a hug with a pat on the back. “Now that is something to be proud of. We should grab a drink after closing. You know, to celebrate?”

Eli shrugged. “Sure, why not. Just let me text my angel.”

04-11-17_3-17-21 AM

Marv snorted, “Angel, huh? Just wait until she starts going into crazy hormone drive. Angel will turn into devil with a snap.”

Eli didn’t care. After missing everything with Sam when she was pregnant with Derek, he couldn’t wait to go on this journey with her. He texted Sam all the same.

Text 1


Text 2

Text 3

Text 4

Text 5
Text 6

Text 7

04-11-17_3-19-37 AM

Eli grinned. He not only was going to go out with Marv tonight, but was going to miss a dinner with Captain Williams. Nothing, not one thing could ruin his happiness.

04-10-17_5-33-38 PM

Sam opened the door to her father, and hugged him. “Hey, Daddy.” She noticed the bag in his hand as soon as she pulled out of the hug and shook her head even though she couldn’t stop smiling. “You’re spoiling him.”

“He’s my grandson, I get to spoil him. Now, where is he?”

Sam pointed to the toy chest, then called out. “Hey, Derek, look who’s here.”

Derek turned and his eyes widen. He stood and wobbled over to Sam and Dad. “Gwampa!”

04-10-17_5-58-31 PM

Dad knelt down and pulled something out of the bag he was carrying. “I got you something, kiddo. You wanna see?”

Derek bobbed his head up and down.

Same practically laughed when he handed Derek a brand new wooden car toy. She laughed even more when she noticed it was a police car. She wondered what took him so long to give him such a gift.

“Do you know what this is,” Dad asked. “It’s a police car. Can you say police?”

04-10-17_6-02-00 PM

“P’lice.” He took the car and made it go vroom.

Dad stood and laughed. “I think he likes it.”

“Uh huh. I know what you’re up to, you know.” Only her father. 

Dad laughed, “I am not up to anything but spoiling my grandson rotten.”

04-10-17_6-09-09 PM

They chatted while Derek played with his new toy. Despite the teasing with her Dad, Sam actually enjoyed the kind of influence he was pushing on her son. Sam didn’t worry that Derek would grow up running from the law like his father, but it did help having some extra influences pushed on him to keep him on the right side of the law.

Sam waited though, until she served dinner before springing the news to her father about the new addition. Last time she gave him this kind of news, she had been an emotional wreck. She had left Eli. She had no one to help her. She wasn’t even sure she was going to keep Derek at the time. Dad talked her down from the ledge, and promised her that everything was going to be fine. Of course this was before he found about Eli being the father.

04-10-17_6-26-58 PM

“So…” Sam said and bit her lip. “I do have something to tell you.”

Grant arched a brow. “Oh? And is this a good something or a bad something?”

“Good, I hope. Eli thinks its amazing, and I’m happy about it. Um…how would you like another grandchild?”

Dad paused with his fork. His eyes met hers and he put his fork back down. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

04-10-17_6-26-38 PM

“I’m pregnant.” Sam couldn’t help but beam. Eli was excited, and she was too. Derek deserved a little brother or sister. Well, hopefully a sister. Sam really wanted a little girl running around. She knew Eli wouldn’t care, as long as the baby was happy and healthy.

04-10-17_6-28-34 PM

“Well, I’ll be damn. That’s great, Sammy!” Dad sat back and laughed. “Wow. Another little one around here?”

“You’re happy?”

“Happy? I’m elated. And you said Eli’s happy?”

Sam snorted, “He’s over the moon excited. He can’t stop giggling and jumping up and down.”

Dad grinned. “Good.”

04-10-17_11-34-11 PM

With dinner done, Dad cuddled up with Derek on the floor and played with him for a while. Sam kept sneaking glances over to her Dad and son, happy that everything was coming together.

04-11-17_12-04-26 AM

Eli entered the house and wasn’t too surprised to see Grant still there. He was sitting with Derek, and it was sort of cool. Maybe. Not really. His son was playing with some toys making some vroom vroom noises. At least Derek was happy.

“I’m home,” Eli said as he rounded to the kitchen. Sam was staring at Derek and Grant, and from what he could tell she was lost in her own thoughts. She practically jumped when Eli slid behind her and kissed her neck. “Hey, babe.”

“Oh, Eli. You scared me.”

04-11-17_12-43-29 AM

“Sorry.” Eli and Sam watched Derek and Grant still lost in their own world. “Cute. He’s playing with his trucks again?” Eli asked. Derek sure loved his cars and trucks. 

“Derek,” Sam called out, then giggled. “Show Daddy your new toy.”

Derek lifted his head, his eyes grew two times the normal size, and he was up running toward Eli. “Daddy! Looook!”

04-11-17_12-30-38 AM

Eli knelt down to see the toy. He practically rolled his eyes, but he kept it in check. Of course he got a new car, and of course Grant had to buy him a police car. Both Sam and Grant were not even trying to hide their grins either. Figures. 

“It’s a p’lice caw,” Derek stated, showing off not only his new toy, but a new word he learned. 

Eli grinned at his son. Hey, if he was happy that’s all that mattered. “Wow, cool. Did Grandpa give you that?” He didn’t really have to guess.  Eli wasn’t truly surprised at this turn of events. After all, Grant was Grant.

Derek bobbed his head. Okay, it didn’t matter what Eli thought, because his son was so adorable in that moment.

04-11-17_12-38-47 AM

“That’s amazing, Derek. Are you going to drive it around and catch the bad guys?”

“Yup,” Derek pronounced with another bob of his head. He then headed back to his grandpa to resume play.

Eli stood, kissed his wife. “Police car, huh? Should I be worried?”

“Maybe,” she laughed. Eli laughed with her. Grant may have won over Derek with a new car. That was fine. As long as Derek was happy, and no one pushed him to do anything he really didn’t want, he would let Derek explore and discover whatever he wanted, including what a police car was.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 19: New Toy”

  1. Eli was sooo cute about the baby! I can’t help but wonder why Sam isn’t quite as enthusiastic. Maybe because it just brought up bad memories. I am happy that Grant was good with it too. I keep worrying about him. If Eli ever does anything that seems just slightly off, I think Grant will turn in a heartbeat and won’t even give him the bebnefit of the doubt. Guilty until proven innocent. That feels like the fine line that Eli has to walk. But right now he is on cloud nine as he should be.


  2. Awwww…my goodness all the happy – including Capt Williams too!!! I loved this and it was screenshotted so beautifully. I love that even though Sam has some reservations that the couple is still happy and going strong a year into their marriage. Nothing is better than being with your best friend.


  3. Aw I loved seeing Eli so giddy! He finally gets to experience everything he didn’t get to the first time around </3 (forever mad at Sam about that haha)

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