Chapter 27: Back in Prison

Warning: NSFW content

Three Months Later

06-08-17_7-33-47 PM

Eli carried the box containing the stuff he needed to survive the first couple of weeks in prison and was led by his own fucking brother to his new home. Anthony said shit to him and Eli didn’t say anything back. How the fuck was he supposed to do this with Anthony as a CO? It was bad enough during the first ten years being alone in prison, now he had this CO that was probably going to be permanent attached to him or some shit.06-08-17_7-39-44 PM

Anthony shut the door behind him. Eli flipped him off.

“See ya around, inmate.”

Fuck you, Tony,” he spat.

“It’s C.O. Ryder to you, inmate.”

“Yeah, we’ll see. I’m not afraid of you. Never have been. I changed your fucking diapers. Remember that, little brother.”

Anthony left without a word. Eli checked out his new digs for a bit. All the other inmates were still in the yard. He had no fucking clue who his cellmate was, or if he had one. Fuck, but he hoped it was someone he knew.

06-08-17_7-50-45 PM

A shadow loomed over him as he was getting ready to unload his box into the locker. A slight chill ran down Eli’s spine. Please don’t be Kellogg.

Eli almost sighed in relief when he turned and the man behind him was not Kellogg. No, but it was someone else…someone that Eli was pretty sure he did not want to know. He stood.

06-08-17_8-10-21 PM

“And you are?” Eli asked.

The guy’s lips pursed even thinner than they already were. Just great. Eli didn’t have time for this. He wanted to meet his cellmate, and then go find Roy. Not that Roy would be pleased to see him, but at least then Eli would be around a familiar face.

“Look, are you my cell mate or not? I don’t have—”

06-08-17_8-36-48 PM

“Silence.” The man was quiet but quick to shut Eli up. His tone hair raising, and even sinister. Eli met a lot of men in prison the last time he was here, and this was the first time he actually feared someone. Who the fuck was this guy?

“I don’t know what you think you know about prison, but this here, is my territory. You’ll do as I say, when I say it. Got it?” Damn, but the Italian accent was thick. Eli wondered if it was real, or if this shithead was just trying to be another Al Capone.

Eli cocked a brow. “Dude, I don’t give a fuck if you’re some high ranking mob thug. I ain’t doing shit you say. I got my own crew in here.”

06-08-17_8-14-28 PM

“Not. Anymore.” The wanna-be-mobster said, and took a more menacing step toward Eli. “You’re mine, now.”

What in the actual fuck? This guy really thought he was some sort of mobster right out of a lame Godfather remake. Eli really wanted to figure out how the hell he wound up with this loser and not someone like Roy or Kellogg.

06-08-17_8-23-54 PM

Eli tried to push past him, and was pushed right on his ass. Oh hell no! Eli jumped up to his feet. Okay, now it was on. Eli charged into the asshole, and forced him hard against the bars.

The guy was quick, and had Eli back on the ground. Eli didn’t just take it, though, and quickly escaped the man’s punches and gave some of his own.

06-08-17_9-07-50 PM

Alarms sounded, but Eli ignored them, as did fuck-face. Their cell door open, and in rushed the COs. Eli continued to fight along with the dumb fucker that started the whole thing. Eli took another swing, and instead of making contact to the grease ball, he made contact with…oh shit.


06-08-17_9-43-01 PM

Anthony pulled him around and slammed him right down on the ground outside the cell and slipped Eli into cuffs. “Oh come on! I just got in here, man.”

“And now you’re moving to the SHU,” Anthony said.


06-08-17_9-48-38 PM

The door slammed closed on Eli as soon as he was tossed into the hole.  “Asshole,” he cursed out his brother. Eli hadn’t even been behind bars for one day, and he was already in the hole. Who the fuck was that guy in the cell? And really, who the fuck did he think he was? Eli wasn’t sure what was going on in prison, but things certainly changed, and it was not good.

06-08-17_9-52-55 PM

Eli spent three days in the hole before getting a new uniform. He was out of the tan and right into the orange coveralls. Eli hated the look, hated that he was back in the orange uniform. He hated how everything went south in his life. He missed his son’s birthday. He missed his wedding anniversary. And now, he couldn’t even call Sam and tell him he made it to SM State Prison. Not like she wouldn’t know though, and if Eli was willing to bet, she knew that he got into a fight as well. Fucking Anthony would have told her.

06-08-17_10-06-47 PM

Eli relaxed on the uncomfortable bed and closed his eyes. He wished he was in his bed, the one he shared with Sam. Hell, he wished he was in bed with Sam. He slipped his hand down into his pants’ flap. He wanted to touch Sam, feel her hands on him, kiss her everywhere. He wanted to wrap her in his arms and never let go. He wanted to make love to her.

06-09-17_2-48-18 PM

He could see her in his mind. Her body. Her gorgeous eyes that he loved to get lost in when he stared into them. He could just believe that his hand was her silky smooth skin. Damn, but he wanted her on top of him. To hear her laugh while they fumbled around in bed. Sex was amazing when they laughed at the silliness and the dumb filthy talk that neither of them could master.

Eli sighed as he climaxed through his fantasies of being with Sam. How long had it been since they made love? Too long, that was the answer. How could he have fucked up his perfect life with Sam?

Eli knew then that the next few years would be more painful than the ten he first did in here.

06-08-17_10-21-59 PM

After a week in the hole, Eli was escorted back to gen pop and into a new cell. His stuff had been moved, and he glanced around only to see no traces of who his new cell mate would be.

Eli sat on the bunk and waited. He didn’t want to go out to the yard just yet. He needed to get his head on straight, and into prison-mode.

06-08-17_10-48-44 PM

“Didn’t I tell you I didn’t want to see you back here?” A deep, but very familiar voice spoke.

Eli didn’t even want to look up. He didn’t have to, to know that Kellogg had entered the cell. “Shit.”

“I’d rearrange your face if I didn’t know any better, Eli. Heard you went a round with Meatball.”

Eli’s head shot up. “Who?”

06-08-17_10-16-06 PM

Tony fucking Corleonesi.”

Eli tilted his head. “And I should know him, why?”

“You shouldn’t, and you’re fucking lucky to be alive. Idiot. He’s a professional hitman. And he runs half this joint. I call his ogres in here, the spaghetti heads. They’re thin skinned.” Kellogg cracked a smile and then went serious again. “He’s bad news, Eli.”

“He a threat to you? To us?” Eli asked. He could definitely see the rivalry.

“He wasn’t until he decided to fuck with Nancy. I didn’t give two shits about him until then. Now, he’s on my list, and I’m on his.” Kellogg opened up the locker, pointed to the empty side. “That’s your side. I also get the bottom bunk. Now come on. The guys are waiting to see your scrawny ass.”

06-09-17_1-18-56 PM

Eli hustled to follow Kellogg out. “So, why aren’t you bunked with Nance?”

Kellogg snorted. “The Warden made good on his fucking promise about four years ago. He’s with Roy, and I got you now.” Kellogg wrapped an arm around Eli’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, you’re under my protection.”

“I hate to know what that’s going to cost me.”

Kellogg laughed and made the walls echo. “Don’t worry, the only guy in here that I’ll ever fuck is my Nancy. Your ass is safe, Eli.” He patted Eli’s said ass in emphasis.

06-09-17_1-29-50 PM

Eli and Kellogg entered the yard and the piercing shout of “Eli” coming from Nancy was all Eli needed to put the first smile on his face since he got inside.

Eli hugged his old friend. “Hey Nancy.”

Nancy kissed his cheek and backed away. “Hey, did you know there’s a CO here with the same last name as you?”

Eli rolled his eyes. “Anthony, yeah…he’s my brother.”

06-09-17_1-34-01 PM

“No shit,” Roy said, and then pulled Eli into a hug. “It’s good to see you, kiddo.”

Eli held onto Roy like a lifeline. “It’s good to see you too, Roy.”

“So, two questions…why are you here, and why is your brother such an asshole?” Roy asked after the almost too long of a hug.

06-09-17_1-46-39 PM

Eli sat at their table, and dealt the cards out to his friends while he told them about the fight in the bar, and how he had no idea the kid was the Senator’s son. “As for my brother, well…he did throw me in the hole, so your guess is as good as mine.”

“You guys aren’t close, are you?” Nance asked and then turned his head to glance over to Anthony.

06-09-17_1-35-27 PM

Eli glanced too. “Fucker was my Groom’s Man in my wedding. So, yeah, we’re pretty tight on the outside. Or were. Not sure how much that’s going to help me in here.”

Roy laughed. “Probably not much.”

“The jackass has a stick so far up his ass, even Nancy wouldn’t take that much,” Kellogg added.

Nance gave Kellogg the flip of the bird and made a kissing face. “You only wish you were that big, dear.”

06-09-17_1-41-27 PM

Eli and the rest all laughed. Though it appeared a lot had change, but the good parts of prison still remained the same. Nance and Kellogg were still tight love-sick fools. Roy, who got a bit more older, was still the same smiling idiot Eli loved. Though he miss Sam and the kids, Marv, and hell, even Grant, one thing was for sure, he still had a family in prison. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. Eli could handle it. As long as he kept his nose clean, he could survive the next two to five he was sentence to.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 27: Back in Prison”

  1. I thought that might have been Tony! Ha! At least he already has friends here. Maybe he will be out sooner than later…but it will definitely have an effect on his kids.


    1. Why do I have a funny feeling that Derek, Eli’s son might have a hard time getting a job because he’s a son of a criminal (Despite the fact being a GRANDSON of a police officer and the NEPHEW of a C.O.?)


  2. My wish to see those faces again came true. Nice touch with their appearance change. They look better than ever, except maybe for Kellog’s gray hair.
    You know, you are making it soooo hard for me to root for your main character when you let Tony enter the story. It is simply impossible for me not to cheer for him no matter how evil and insane you make him.
    Spaghetti heads, oh dear. 😀


    1. Well, Kellogg is now in his early 50s, so grey hair needed.

      And I know where your loyalties lie. There’s a few chapters that will show Tony, so it’s not a one off. I have plans for your Tony. (And Eun, of course.)

      Liked by 1 person

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