Chapter 19: Are You High?

02-12-18_4-25-30 PM

“What the hell are you doing to my room!” Derek yelled. “Where the hell is my door?”

“Gone.” Dad pulled the TV down from Derek’s wall, and stepped out with it. Derek followed him.

“Why? Why are you taking all my stuff! And my freaking door! I need privacy.”

“No, what you need is to learn that in this house, we have rules. Your stuff is now mine. And your privacy is gone until Mom and I can trust you again, Derek.” 

Dad was being unreasonable. Definitely unreasonable. This was totally bullshit. “I haven’t done anything wrong!”

02-12-18_4-30-42 PM

Dad marched up to him, and practically shoved him into the wall. “Nothing wrong? Are you kidding me? Where were you last night? And if you said you were at Brandt’s and Kody’s save your breath. I was on the phone this morning with their mother.”

Derek swallowed hard. Shit.

“Was it another party? That makes this…what…shit, I lost count how many times you’ve snuck out of the apartment to go to some random party.”

Derek fidgeted. Double shit. How did he know?

“Were you drinking? Doing drugs?”

02-12-18_4-51-47 PM

Derek was shocked that Dad would even ask him about that. Did he not know Derek at all? “No! Dad, no way! I don’t go near that shit. I just drink.”

Dad crossed his arms. “I want to believe you. Fuck, but I do. But you’re making it hard for me to. You’ve been lying about where you’re going. You stay out late most weekends. And often I catch the scent of booze on you in the mornings you do decide to grace us with your presence.”

“So what? What harm is it for me to go out and having some fun?”

02-12-18_5-39-37 PM

Shock and anger crossed Dad’s face. “Are you really asking me that? Why don’t you ask your grandmother where the lying and sneaking around got me! Hell, why don’t you ask your grandfather where the hell all my lying got me!” He pointed down the hall. It was then that Derek noticed Grandpa standing there in the middle of the hall with mom. Both of them did not look happy. Shit. “Go on, ask!”

“I am not you!” Derek shouted. Fuck. But he wasn’t that stupid.

“Prove it.” Dad pointed a finger at Derek’s chest. “Take a drug test, and prove to me that you’re staying clean. Prove to me I can fucking trust you again.”

Fuck. “I’m not taking a drug test.”

02-12-18_6-23-34 PM

“Oh, yes you are,” Grandpa said.

This was un-fucking-believable. “I’m not doing drugs. I swear it. And contrary to what you three might think, I am not always drinking when I go out. My friends and I take turns being the DD.”

“Oh, that makes it so much better,” Grandpa rolled his eyes. The sarcasm was thicker than Derek had ever heard roll off of Grandpa’s lips. “Derek, this has got to stop. Do you hear me? So help me, I won’t let you go down the same path as Eli.”

“Neither will I,” Dad added. 

“This is fucking bullshit.” Derek glowered to all of them.

02-12-18_5-06-37 PM

“No, what’s bullshit is Mom and I worrying about you every weekend and wondering if you’re going to be home or not. Or the fact that your grades are slipping again. No, what’s bullshit is watching you go downhill and throwing your life away. And for what? A stupid party? Drugs? Booze? You want to drink…” Dad pulled back and pointed to the kitchen. “Then fine. Drink. We have beers here. But last night was your last party, Derek. This is the end of the fucking line.”

He crossed his arms. “I’ve talked to Mrs. Lamb. We’ve decided that since we can’t trust the three of you, that until further notice you three won’t be hanging out any longer. And when we decide you three can, until we can trust you guys, it will be chaperoned visits either by Mrs. Lamb, Mom, or myself.”

02-12-18_5-12-41 PM

“You can’t do that! They’re my friends!” They’re all I’ve got. Derek didn’t voice the last part out. It was true though. School was still hell, and Derek hated every minute he was there. Sure, his grades were good, and he was doing really well considering. But it was Lucas and Olivia’s crowd that made school hell.

Sure there was Erik, sometimes…if he wasn’t on a bender. He was more into getting the next high than school, and so he often didn’t show up. Erik and a few other of Derek’s new friends were into drugs. But Derek stuck with booze, and booze only.

However, Derek still didn’t want to take that damn drug test. Last night he didn’t come home because he got a contact high. The smoke had been thick throughout the house, and when he realized he was getting high off of it, he decided to crash outside on the lounge chairs.

“Please,” Derek begged.

02-12-18_5-45-00 PM

“Prove to me you aren’t on drugs, and I might reconsider.”

Derek could feel the tears. He knew he couldn’t take that test. “I can’t,” he cried. A tear fell. Now, he felt like the biggest disappointment.

Dad shook his head, swearing under his breath.

02-12-18_2-51-19 PM

“I swear, I…I didn’t do drugs, Dad. It’s just…last night, the place Brandt and I were at, everyone was smoking. The smoke was too thick. I noticed it after a bit, and…I didn’t want to come home last night, so I slept outside to try and clear my head. I’m sorry.”

“Where was Kody?” Mom asked.

“The away game in Brighton.” That was the only thing that sucked about last night. Kody never let Brandt or Derek stay at a party if he saw drugs. None of them were into drugs. Though, Derek did watch Brandt get high last night. So, maybe it was just Kody and Derek that weren’t into it? He still wasn’t sure. But he wasn’t about to rat out his best friend.

Grandpa spoke up. “So, you had a contact high? Are you sure that’s it? Don’t lie to us.”

Derek nodded. He didn’t dare look at Grandpa. He didn’t want to see the same disappointed look as he was seeing in Dad’s eyes.

02-12-18_5-45-15 PM

“I swear, I didn’t do any drugs. Not even pot.” He was on the verge of breaking down in tears. This was the worst feeling ever. He had never been so disappointed in himself or to his parents. He rubbed his tears away. “I’m sorry.”

“You can still prove yourself, Derek,” Grandpa said after a long uncomfortable minute. “I gave your parents some home drug testing kits. You can take one now. And for the next few months, Elijah and Sam will give you random tests. If you really aren’t doing drugs, then prove it to all of us.”

“You want me to agree to random drug tests?”

02-12-18_6-08-11 PM

Dad nodded. “And you will be taking them the same way I take mine every few weeks—with someone supervising.”

“You’re going to watch me piss in a cup?”


“And I have no say in this?”

“You do. But if you want us to trust you again, you’ll do it. I’m not going to force you. If you much rather have your freedoms in this house stripped than taking a drug test, then that’s what you’ll get. You’ll still be grounded, but I’ll talk to Mrs. Lamb again. If the twins and you agree to these random drug tests, you three can hang out after your sentence is up.”

02-12-18_5-07-00 PM

Dad was so not playing fair. Derek hunched against the wall, looked between the three adults that were making life so un-fucking-fair.



“But I get my stuff back, and my door.”

Dad looked toward his room and then back at Derek. “You will in two weeks.”


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 19: Are You High?”

  1. Poor Derick. My heart goes out to him. And Kody definitely has a head on his shoulders. Glad he’s a good influence on Derick and his brother.

    Derick is lucky to have his parents and grandpa looking out for him!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Derek is really a good kid underneath all that angst. I hope he is able to stick to it and prove he isn’t doing drugs. I am very glad that Grant and Sam don’t think that Eli is going too far with the grounding and restrictions. Derek needs to see they are all on the same page. He really does love his grandfather.

    And Erik! Sorry, I had to laugh at that one! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. He is a good kid, he just hold a lot of emotional issues in and takes it out on those that love him. Grant and Sam would always back Eli when it comes to this type of parenting. Grant saw Eli go through the same thing as a kid, and had no one there really to set him straight. Derek does, and Grant’s going to back him up. And yes, Derek absolutely loves his grandfather.

      Ah yes, Erik. He just can’t stay away from the drugs. LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh gosh I’m not proud to say but this chapter brought back some memories LOL…teenage angst at its prime in here! Derek can’t see it right now, but the love these 3 have for him is deep. I hope he can make his amends and finally go to a party without having to lie! =P


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