Chapter 20: Clean Slate

02-14-18_2-29-08 PM

Derek grabbed the coffee Dad just poured and went to the kitchen table. And as soon as he poured the second cup, Bailee was right there stealing it.

“Hey!” Dad shouted. “Dammit you two! I was pouring that for me.”

Derek grinned over his cup and took a sip. “Gotta be fast, Pops.”

02-14-18_2-35-13 PM

“You are too upbeat this morning for someone going back to school.” He narrowed his eyes. “Who are you, and what did you do with my son?”

Derek laughed. He was actually excited for his senior year. Sure the summer wasn’t that great. He had a very strict curfew. He hadn’t gone to a single party—which sucked ass. But now…now he was off the hook.

“And you, Bailee, since when did you start drinking coffee?”

“Since today. I start high school. Duh, Dad.” 

02-14-18_2-44-35 PM

“I cannot believe I have two kids in high school.” Dad shook his head and  joined them at the kitchen table with another freshly poured cup of coffee. “Come on. Honestly, Ric,  you cannot be excited for school?”

Derek shook his head with a laugh. “Our agreement was when school started is that I can have my weekends back. So, heck yeah I’m excited.” That was the worst thing about summer. His weekends were spent with his family. It sucked.

02-14-18_2-54-00 PM

Dad shook his head. “That’s not exactly what that means, Ric. It means that Mom and I are giving you a chance to show some responsibility by not going out and partying. You earned enough of our trust back to let you go out on the weekends with your friends. Don’t break our trust again.”

Dad then eyed Bailee, “And you, my sweet girl, better not take after this one. I’m already going grey as it is.”

02-14-18_2-45-24 PM

Bailee smirked, but it was Derek that continued to talk to Dad. “I know I gotta keep my nose clean. But I’m still excited. The guys and I are planning to hang out this weekend. Maybe head to the movies.” He pointed to Dad. “And that’s without your so called supervision.”

He could not believe Brandt fucked up and got caught with weed in his room. It was part of their agreement between both sets of parents that as long as they were clean, they could hang out—but only during the weekdays. Brandt was caught just two weeks after the agreement, which caused the parents to go back on their original plan. And since April, Derek hadn’t hung out with his friends without a parent tagging along. It was embarrassing.

02-14-18_4-01-40 PM

Dad had surprised Derek though, two weeks ago, and sat him down. “Look, Mom and I have been discussing you and your friends. The three of you have shown us that you can be trusted. So, here’s the deal, when school starts we’ll wipe the slate clean. We’ll trust you, but you have to keep your grades up and you have to promise to tell us if and when you want to go to a party.”

“Wait…you’re going to let me go to a party?” Derek was confused. Dad had been super against partying.

Dad chuckled. “Derek, I wasn’t against you going out and having fun. I’d be a hypocrite if I had been against it. No, what pissed me off was you sneaking out and lying to Mom and I. You didn’t give us a chance to trust us, which made us lose our trust in you.”

02-14-18_4-03-06 PM

“So…you would have been cool if I wanted to go to a party knowing there was going to be alcohol involved?”

Dad shrugged. “I’d have made sure you knew to call me when you needed to be picked up. That still applies. I’ll make an agreement with you now, if you want to go to a party with your friends you ask first. You also call Mom or I when you’re ready to be picked up. If there’s drugs there, you call me up, and I’ll get you out of there.”

So, Derek had agreed to all of his Dad’s compromises. And today was the first day of his clean slate. He was no longer going to feel like an idiot with parents sticking to him like glue when he was out with his friends. The fact he may be allowed to go out and party was a plus.

02-14-18_2-38-33 PM

“You promised, Dad. Clean slate. No parental supervision.”

“I did. You hold up to your part of our bargain, and I’ll hold up my end.”


02-14-18_2-39-19 PM

“And you trust me, right daddy?”

Dad smiled. “Always, Princess.”

Derek rolled his eyes. Bailee was such a daddy’s little girl. He hated it. “Suck up.”

“Jerk face.”

02-14-18_3-01-35 PM

Dad st0od. “Okay you two, enough of that. Finish your coffee, and make sure to eat something. I’m going to make sure Dakota is up. Again.”

“She’s not,” Bailee and Derek chimed in together. It was a well known fact that Dakota hated getting up for school, and often went back to sleep if Dad or Mom didn’t keep waking her up. Derek hated school too, but he also was a morning riser. He rather be up and not waste the day away than sleep.

“Dakota!” Dad yelled as he headed down the hall. “You better be up and not in bed again.” 

02-14-18_8-47-25 PM

Brandt ran up to Derek right after fourth period. “Dude? Did you hear?”

“Hear what?” Derek closed his locker. It was lunch period, and he was freaking starving.

“Man, word is, Olivia dumped Lucas’ ass after she caught him with Becca Reys.”

02-14-18_8-51-18 PM

Kody grinned. He had showed just as Brandt told Derek about Olivia. “I heard that the slap left a mark for weeks on his cheeks, and that he couldn’t get it up thanks to his bruised balls for almost a month.”

Derek laughed. “No shit. That’s fucking awesome. So, when did this go down?”

Brandt shrugged, “I dunno. Like July, maybe. I heard it from Colleen in Physics.”

“And I heard it from the guys on the basketball team. How have you not heard this man? It’s spreading like wildfire,” Kody added.

Derek shrugged. “No idea. Olivia’s in my Government class. No one said anything. And my PE course I had my ear buds on so I didn’t have to listen to Lucas or any of his asshole friends. Can’t believe I missed it.”

02-14-18_8-30-19 PM

They headed off to lunch and all three spotted Olivia not sitting with Lucas. She was with some other girls. Lucas was holding Becca Reys and kissing her, and totally making Olivia jealous. Derek didn’t feel sorry for her at all. She got what she deserved.

02-14-18_8-21-10 PM

Derek’s eyes met Olivia’s for a second as he passed her with his lunch tray. She waved, he turned and scowled. What the fuck? She actually waved at him? “Bitch.”

His friends howled with laughter when he sat at the table.


02-14-18_8-33-36 PM

“Nothing,” Kody chuckled. “Just seeing her face after was priceless.”

“She looked like you kicked her dog,” Brandt added with another laugh.

“Good.” Derek grinned. He liked knowing that Olivia had burned all her bridges with them. She had done too much damage to him and his friends to earn a friendly wave back.

“So, we still on this weekend?” Kody asked.

02-14-18_8-39-01 PM

“Definitely. Moonlight Massacre IV. It’s going to be fucking epic.”

“I hope so. Three was dumb as fuck.” Brandt shook his head. “At least bring back Scotty Powers. He was freaking amazing.”

“He died in number two, dimwit.” Kody smacked his brother. Derek laughed. It was true, Scotty Powers was amazing in the first two movies, and the third did suck.

02-14-18_8-41-45 PM

Derek smirked. “But hot damn, Riddle Moss is going to be in this one. And she’s too fucking hot to not watch.”

Kody agreed. “Mhmm, she can smoke something of mine any day.”

“In your dreams,” Derek teased.

02-14-18_9-20-01 PM

A week of school done and Derek was ecstatic. He met with his friends at the theater not far from their apartment building.

“Hey guys, check it…” Brandt made a turn around with his arms wide. “We’re fucking free!”

02-14-18_9-17-50 PM

“Fuck yeah!” Derek high fived his friend. “Now, new rules. We don’t fuck up this year.”

“Agreed,” Brandt and Kody said together.

“And we have a fucking blast too.”

02-14-18_9-25-37 PM

They headed inside the theater after purchasing their tickets. They loaded their arms with soda, popcorn, and other snacks.

Derek grinned. This was what it felt like being free, and having a clean slate. He vowed to never lose this again.

02-14-18_9-28-54 PM

The movie started. Riddle Moss appeared on the big screen. Phone in hand. Yeah, this movie was definitely going to be good.

“Sarah? Sarah Jane? Wanna play a game?”

Corny, but good.

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