Lamb vs Lamb: An April’s Fools Short Story

First off, thank you for reading my short story. As you are aware, this short is part of the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. If you are going to participate in voting, please note you MUST read ALL entries and vote for the top three stories in both Veteran and Novice categories. Please, don’t let me down readers, and support all the other writers in this challenge.

Now for the story!

04-29-19_7-07-22 PM

Brandt stirred in his sleep as he gained conscience from his deep slumber. He grinned a little as he felt the body next to him. He couldn’t remember the girl’s name, but he definitely knew it must have been one heck of a night if he brought home another girl.

He kissed the girl’s chest;  still not fully alert. “Hey baby.”

“Hey snookums.”

04-29-19_7-12-47 PM

Brandt shot of of bed and screamed. He didn’t care if he sounded like a six year old girl. That was not  the voice of a woman! That was a man’s voice. A man, who was now cackling like a hyena. A man who happened to be his jerk-face twin brother.

Then he heard it. Derek, behind the closed door, laughing just as much as Kody.

04-29-19_7-12-22 PM

“Happy birthday, Brother,” Kody said between his laughter.

“Please, tell me you’re wearing pants.”

Kody crawled out of Brandt’s bed, and with a sigh of relief on Brandt’s part, the tree of a man was wearing his jeans.

Kody went to kiss his brother’s cheek, but Brandt pushed him away. “I finally got you back for the hell you’ve caused me the last twenty-two years of April Fools jokes.”

04-29-19_7-23-54 PM

Brandt chased Kody out the room. “You know, this means war, right? I wouldn’t get too cocky, Kody. You’ll rue the day you tried to one up me at my own game.”

“Bye, snookums,” Kody cackled.

It most definitely meant war.

04-29-19_9-07-25 PM

Kody whistled as he headed toward the building he lived in. Today had been one of his best birthdays to date. For one, he finally gave his twin, Brandt a taste of his own medicine. That felt too good. Second, and more importantly, the basketball season was winding down, and playoffs were coming up. Kody’s name was already being thrown around as MVP.

He knew Brandt could strike any minute, but he was ready. He had to be ready. He was not going to let Brandt prank him another year.

Inside the entrance of the building he found security there. “Ah, Mr. Lamb, could I speak to you for a moment,” Joe asked, stopping Kody.

Kody huffed. He loved the security of the building, but sometimes he wished they’d leave him alone. “Sure, Joe. What’s up?”

04-29-19_10-38-15 PM

“There was a police officer here with a warrant to search—”

Kody stopped Joe. “What did he look like? Did he have curly brown hair, about 6’2, and a cocky-grin? Did he look like this?” Kody showed off a photo of his brother from his phone.

“Yes. That’s him.”

“Did you let him up to my place?”

Joe looked abashed. “He…Sir, he had a warrant.”

Kody took off in a run, hoping against all hope Brandt hadn’t done much to his place. He didn’t even bother with the elevator. It wouldn’t be the first time he ran the six flights up to his penthouse. He entered the hall and jogged more slowly to the door.

Kody took a deep breath. Brandt had better not done anything stupid.

04-29-19_9-38-201 PM

Kody unlocked the door and slowly opened it. His eyes widen at the sight. Hundreds of blue solo cups sat on the floor, the counters, and any hard surface.

“Son-of-a… BRANDT!”

Author: orangeplumbob

When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.

26 thoughts on “Lamb vs Lamb: An April’s Fools Short Story”

  1. haha. Good fun. I like your style. I think I am already following you, but I have been out of the loop. I will definitely try to find time to dive into one of your main storylines soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can’t go wrong with brothers pranking each other. (Well, actually a lot can go wrong for them, but it’s great for us!) I was fooled by the first prank as well. Great jokes!


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