Chapter 23: What Happened Last Night?

Trigger Warning: Due to the sensitivity of this chapter and the next, I wanted to post a trigger warning. The use of the word rape get’s thrown around and the situation as well might trigger those who have been sexually assaulted. Read at your own discretion.

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Chapter 22: Last Party

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“Okay, rules before you three head out.” Dad said. He still had the keys. It was Derek’s jeep the three of them were sitting in, but Dad had snagged the keys before Derek grabbed them.

“Dad,” Derek groaned. “We know.”

“Just humor me. If you drink, you stay the night. If there’s drugs, you stay away, and you just tell me if there’s a chance you got a contact high. I trust you three not doing drugs.”

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Chapter 19: Are You High?

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“What the hell are you doing to my room!” Derek yelled. “Where the hell is my door?”

“Gone.” Dad pulled the TV down from Derek’s wall, and stepped out with it. Derek followed him.

“Why? Why are you taking all my stuff! And my freaking door! I need privacy.”

“No, what you need is to learn that in this house, we have rules. Your stuff is now mine. And your privacy is gone until Mom and I can trust you again, Derek.” 

Dad was being unreasonable. Definitely unreasonable. This was totally bullshit. “I haven’t done anything wrong!”

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Chapter 18: Drunk and Hungover

02-09-18_3-30-11 PM

Derek glanced at the handout he was given by one of his classmates he didn’t know. “A Kegger?” He looked to Brandt and Kody. They had never been invited to a party. The three of them were the biggest outcasts in school, despite the fact that Kody was on the basketball team and one of the best players the school had seen in years.

“You gotta come, man. It’s going to be epic! My parents are going to be gone, and my brother scored some kegs at his work. You three in?” the kid asked.

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Chapter 17: Focus, Derek

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Derek wanted to sleep so badly. This was so fucking boring. He hated English. And worst, it was a Socratic Seminar—meaning the smart kids were just going to talk all freaking hour long.

“Okay, let’s stop there really quickly, Olivia. Just hold that question. We have fifteen more minutes, and there are still a few that do need to speak up to get credit today.”

Derek waited while Mrs. Westman named off four other students before she got to his name. “Derek, why don’t you start off by answering the question.”

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