Chapter 10: The Truth

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Sam turned over and turned off the alarm. Was it really ten already? She rolled back into the arms of Eli and nudged him. “It’s ten.”

He held her closer to him. “Shh. Sleep.”

“Eli,” she snickered. They were exhausted from the evening activates in bed, and Eli wanted to rest before he had to leave. Sam didn’t want him to leave. She would much rather be wrapped around his arms all night. Still, this was important. He could not miss his curfew. “Eli.” This time she was louder.

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Chapter 9: The Best Thing

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Eli snickered and laughed at Sam. She was covering her eyes and trying to burry her head inside his neck. “Is it over, is it over?”

“It isn’t that scary,” he teased.

She smacked his chest, and then screamed at the sight of the masked figure on the movie. This only made Eli laughed even more. “Tell me.”

“Okay,” he chuckled. When he knew she would just scream her head off, he whispered, “Okay, he’s gone.”

The scream that came after a couple of moments of Sam watching, made him howl with laughter. She started to smack him, and he was just laughing. “That was so mean, Eli!”

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Chapter 8: Family Dinner

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Eli took a long deep breath at the door. This wasn’t his first time visiting his mom, on the contrary, he made it a weekly habit to visit and have dinner with her and his sister. This, however, was the first time he brought over Sam. After three months of dating, he decided it was time to introduce Sam to his family. That, and his mother threatened him with bodily harm if he didn’t bring her to this dinner.

The door opened and Anthony grinned. “Hey, look, it’s the inmate. And wow, and a very gorgeous woman.”

Sam giggled. “Thank you.”

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Chapter 7: Sam

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“Hello?” A voice called out. A voice that sounded as if angels were singing if Eli thought about it. He rolled out from under the truck he was working on, wiped his hands, and made his way to the front of the garage.

Marv was washing his hands already. Eli patted his friend. “I got this, Marv.”

Marv smirked. “Oh you do, do you? You’re just lucky I’m married.”

Eli shrugged and returned the smirk before going through the door. In truth, Marv had been teasing Eli the last couple of months, and the fact Eli hadn’t even tried to score a date. Eli took the ribbing with a good laugh and a smile. In all honesty, Eli just wasn’t ready to date—not when he couldn’t take a woman back to his place. And there was absolutely no way in hell he’d let any person inside his shitty hell-hole he called home currently. 

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Chapter 6: PO and Job Hunting

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Eli stepped into the building and found a gated area with some guy behind it playing on his phone. Another guy came walking out of the security door and did something on the computer sitting on the counter.

“See ya, Mike,” the guy behind the counter said.

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Chapter 5: Parole Granted

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Eli climbed up the top of the stairs. His entire body ached from his work-study program as a mechanic. The hot shower did nothing for him. He wanted to craw into his bunk and not wake up for days.

Too bad other people had other ideas. “Not so fast, Ryder,” CO Pierson called out from the bottom of the stairs.

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Chapter 4: Death in Prison

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Eli tore open the envelope he found on his bunk. He was pretty sure Roy had left it there before heading to the yard. Eli was only coming in to grab a clean set of his prison uniform and take a shower. He was filthy and had oil and grease everywhere.

That’s when he saw the letter. His heart pounded the more he unfolded the letter. He hadn’t bothered looking at the return address. Once he saw that it was from West Myshuno Unified School District, his heart went into overdrive.

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