Chapter 2: The Hole

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“Ryder, you have a visitor,” the guard yelled.

Eli placed down his cards and smirked over to Roy and Pops. “Read ‘em and weep, boys. Full house.” Both Pops and Roy tossed down their cards and groaned. Eli took the cigarettes off the table and stood. “I’ll be back. Pops, don’t take too much of Roy’s cigs.”

Pops chuckled. “Says the guy that’s taking all of our cigs. Go see your visitor.”

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Prison

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“All right you maggots, get off the bus.” Elijah stepped off the bus. His head down, he held back the tears that threatened to escape. After three months in the detention center he got a taste of what it was going to be like, but still he wasn’t ready. He was not ready to spend the next two decades behind bars with men who he knew were far more dangerous than himself.

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Give me all yo money, bitch. That’s what he said. And…and I did. He…he had that gun aimed at my head, detective. I was so scared. I’m sixteen, I shouldn’t be having guns aimed at my head! I should be out with my friends partying and having fun. Not this.” She sobbed into her hands. The poor teenage girl was visibly shaking ever since Detective Grant Williams arrived on scene. This wasn’t the first distraught cashier he had encountered. In fact, this was the fifth in the last month, and the spree hadn’t given Grant any breathing room. Continue reading “Prologue”