Chapter 4: Prison War

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Eli watched the door slam in his face, the metal locks sounding and the echoes of the metal on metal signifying he wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

The Hole. Segregation. Again.

“Sam’s going to kill me,” he whispered to himself. It hadn’t been easy to stay outside the hole this time around in prison. Life inside had different rules, and Eli had a different role to play. He was one of Kellogg’s boys, and that meant he had to watch his back, and make sure others knew not to fuck with him. Continue reading “Chapter 4: Prison War”

Chapter 3: Visiting Eli

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Eli heard his name get called out in the yard, just as he was trying to get a pass through Big D. He along with D turned their heads to the guard, and found Anthony standing at the gate. Shit. He handed the ball off to Big D. “Sorry Cruz. Gotta find another man.”

“No worries,” the short guy said and went to find another man to play some two-on-two.

Eli headed over to his brother, pissed he was being called away from his yard time. “What now?”

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Chapter 2: What to Do?

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Sam cried, staring at the little stick in her hand. Her entire body shook. What the hell was she supposed to do now? It had been a month since Eli was arrested, and now she was pregnant. Fate or whatever had to throw another wrench in her life.

Sam tossed the test into the trash. She stared into the mirror and watched as tears fell down her cheeks. She remembered the last time she got pregnant with Bailee. Eli was so happy.

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Chapter 27: Back in Prison

Warning: NSFW content

Three Months Later

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Eli carried the box containing the stuff he needed to survive the first couple of weeks in prison and was led by his own fucking brother to his new home. Anthony said shit to him and Eli didn’t say anything back. How the fuck was he supposed to do this with Anthony as a CO? It was bad enough during the first ten years being alone in prison, now he had this CO that was probably going to be permanent attached to him or some shit. Continue reading “Chapter 27: Back in Prison”

Chapter 26: Parole Violation

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Eli slammed the door and slid down the wall. His hands were still shaking. His bloody knuckles made him sick. He smacked his head on the wall. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” He should have never punched out that asshole—even though he had it coming. He really had it coming.

The entire night had been a huge mistake. Eli should have not gone out with his friends. He should have headed straight home, and just spent the night with his family. “I’m so fucked,” he whispered. Eight years down, and he was so fucking close!

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